My private and public skype are linked and it just notified me that it’s Sam’s birthday. This character is now four years old holy heckie lil baby’s growing up fast.

These are old, but I wanted to share. Some concepts for Josh, Collin, and Akita. Still trying to flesh out their designs/overall style.

Commission for Lancu

Waiting on a commissioner before I can post so in the meantime I did this. 

Decided to put both versions of this image together because I think it gives it an ominous air. >:3c

The power of friendship and asking for critique! Redlines thanks to Acidic!

stuff what needs to get did

Refined and colored a sketch of Sam. Then decided to make it into a fake screenshot cos why not, he’s just standing there after all. Bonus points if you can guess the (slightly edited) quote.

Worth every cent.