Super old sketch I decided to redraw and color as a warm up since I haven’t drawn in a few days. New tablet cord arrived just after I complained about it, haha.

Me: Don't go swimming. There's sharks. They'll bite you.
Sam: I'll punch them in the nose.
Me: No, that won't work. You gotta poke'em in the eye.
Sam: I'll do both at the same time.
Me: Yeah, and fart on them for good measure.
Sam: I'll fart into it's gills and make it explode.
Me: Yeah, that'll probably do the trick.

The new librarian downtown is too cute.

Here’s the picture that made me want to quit art yesterday. I’m having so much trouble with the foliage. Which sucks cos I’m really proud of the character’s pose, especially the hands.

I was so done with drawing today. Then I drew Deaggu and now all is right with the world. Accidentally stumbled upon an awesome palette change for him, too!


Ahh I’m so jealous /T vT/ You’re great wehhhh

aaahh thank you deag-deag (。´∀`)ノ

no neeed to be jealous tho, it’s all just hard work hehehe

here is a little Sage Advice:



That last panel killed me. Deaglen probably has the musical capacity of keyboard cat.

My blog has been kinda dead so here’s a step by step of the last thing I did before I moved to Canada.

I did this big pixel of Josh the other day, but I just really don’t like it. I learned something though! If you’re going to make a big pixel image make sure it has an insane amount of detail in it, otherwise it looks boring.

Can someone please bring back foam walking lizards? I want one so bad. One with sunglasses and a sail on it’s back. I can’t even find a picture of these things.