The best thing about Skyward Sword was the new version of Fairy’s Fountain in the menu screen.


a leelums for deg-deg buddy u 3 u

EEEEEE thank you so much ; A; he looks great in your style! I’m glad you like his face, haha. And no worries about the tats. I can hardly be arsed to draw them myself, and they’re due for a change anyways.

Pixel presents for Kogamo, Cranberry-Soap, HoundBound, and Wolfy!

Fancy sweater couple.

This was originally going to be a set, but I think I’m giving up now. I spent the last two days tweaking and re-tweaking the first image just to find the original version was best. Lesson: stop fiddling.

Return of the succubus character I drew that one time…

Deaggu eggs??

I hope I’m not the only one who thought Zant was gonna be really attractive under that helmet and not a weird voldemort+cumberbatch hybrid. 

(Also, just to be clear all I did was paint over the original screenie here.)

These are old, but I wanted to share. Some concepts for Josh, Collin, and Akita. Still trying to flesh out their designs/overall style.

Commission for Lancu